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Whispbar’s WB200 fork-mount roof rack is simple, elegant, quiet, and highly versatile, allowing for easy swaps between road and mountain bikes (even with thru-axles), easy locking, and a secure hold. In other words, it is just about everything one could ask for in a fork-mount roof rack…

…The design is sleek, curved to match the roof line of modern cars, and colors are subdued. The racks are no eyesore. On the right car they can even improve the look, applying the hint of rugged outdoorsiness. Like a carefully groomed beard for your roof, if you will, or perhaps some tailored flannel.

Those sleek shapes aren’t all about good looks. The Flush Bar crossbars are aerodynamically shaped, which theoretically improves fuel efficiency and certainly decreases noise. The Whispbar racks do indeed live up to their name, staying almost completely silent even at highway speeds. Add a bike and you get some noise, of course, but that is unavoidable. – Featuring Whispbar Rack System and WB200 Fork Mount – February 2014


Not all mountain bikers drive pickup trucks. Some of us have cars. Some of us like the way our cars look and perform, and want them to stay that way. This is why Whispbar exists. While most roof rack systems are big, ugly and, on the highway, whistle more than the Seven Dwarfs, Whispbar systems look sleek, minimalistic and are extraordinarily quiet.

Whispbar load bars and accessories pack in some pretty nice features. There are a few types of load bars offered, depending on your vehicle setup and preference. I opted for the Through Bars, which extend past the foot, providing significantly more real estate for accessories than the Flush Bar. The Whispbar crossbars integrate with their accessories using what they call QuickDock. The crossbars have a rubber-sealed channel that accepts the t-shaped fixing bolt on the accessories. Once the load bars are installed, adding and removing accessories is astonishingly fast and tool-free. It took me less than a minute to install two of the company’s WB200 Fork Mounts. Removal takes half the time.

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Roof racks usually look pretty chunky. That’s why we’re excited about Whispbar—the sleek profile and streamlined design looks better than just about any other rack on the market. Better still, Whispbar claims its aerodynamic design reduces the drag by as much as 70 percent when compared to other bar racks, which means a quieter ride and more gas in the tank. They’ve already launched a fork-mounted bike as well as racks for snow sports and kayaks, and later this year Whispbar will introduce the WB201, a frame-mount cycle carrier that doesn’t require any wheel removal. The bike mounting system uses a single lever that automatically adjusts to all downtube shapes and sizes, applying pressure to hold the bike but not enough to damage the frame. Watch out Yakima and Thule—you’ve got some competition.

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wb201A rack that works well with your car and bike can be hard to find. Releasing this November, the WB201 uses a clever single-lever design that self adjusts to all frame downtube sizes and shapes. Mounting or removing your bike is simple and fast, and because the lever holds the frame instead of the fork, you can leave both wheels on the bike. And to keep your bike safe when you aren’t around, the rack secures the bike to the carrier, and the carrier to the vehicle, with a single lock.

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Whispbar_WB200_ForkBike carriers need not be bulky and conspicuous – take, for instance, Whipbar’s WB200 Fork Mount Bicycle Carrier. This sleek silver bar attaches to your existing Whispbar T-slot bars or Yakima round or square bars in a few seconds using the QuickDock system, and sits idly until it’s called upon for transporting your bike. Thanks to SmartMount technology, the WB200 holds either road or mountain bikes by their front fork, the integrated lock securing both bar and bike to the rail, while a padded rear wheel strap coddles even delicate carbon wheels.

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Choosing a rack system is like choosing sides in the Auburn–Alabama rivalry: both choices have a solid heritage and a proven track record, but once you’ve made your choice, there’s no going back. We have over 50 years (collectively) of rooting for Team Yakima. For fervent car and adventure aficionados, there’s no better way to carry a bike than their Whispbar WB200 Fork Mount Bicycle Carrier.

Acquired by Yakima in 2009 with the New Zealand company Hubco, Whispbar was introduced in North America the following year. Initially sold as an option for Yakima, Whispbar was launched in 2012 as a separate premium line marketed to consumers focused on style and aesthetics. According to Garrett Barnum, Whispbar’s Global Brand Manager, if Yakima is for the outdoor enthusiast focused on the destination, Whispbar targets the rugged stylist interested in the journey, uncompromised. For the man who appreciates luxury, this rack features clean lines and a high degree of finish that marry seamlessly to any expensive sports sedan.

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Whispbar’s new WB201 frame mount bike carrier adds an option for putting your steed on their roof racks. Like the fork mount models, it uses their QuickDock mounts for super fast on/off on their cross bars (video here). The arm raises to clamp the downtube, but unlike competing models, there’s no dial to clamp it down around the downtube. Instead, push the lever on the tray down and it automatically applies the right amount of pressure around the frame while simultaneously securing everything to the rack and crossbars…

New WB700 and WB701 cargo boxes use a streamlined design with no belt line. What does “no belt line” mean? It means the top clamshell sits flush with the bottom rather than overlap and create a slight bulge. The result is a very sleek, premium appearance…

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