– Featuring WB401 Kayak Carrier – Fall/Winter 2014

yakima-kayak-carrier_84983_600x450The brisk days of fall and cold nights of winter bring out the best in gear design and technology. When the mercury goes south with the birds, there’s little leeway for lapses in function and lots of room for flexing new ideas. Sometimes this means embracing the rare (eiderdown!), the clever (Gore-Tex under the foot!), and the revolutionary (a probe that divines avalanches!), while other times it just means leveraging existing ideas in new ways to make adventure safer, more comfortable, and more fun…

Putting a kayak on the roof of your vehicle is just about the last thing that most people want to do, but with the very sleek and stealthy Yakima Whispbar WB401 you might find yourself actually enjoying the process. The WB401 has the same design sense of the ultraquiet Whispbar rack itself—sculpted into a low profile like a luxury sportster—and it folds flat and nearly out of sight when it’s not in use. When you’re ready to go for a paddle, you prop the bow of the boat on the WB401′s rollers, slide it onto the roof, tilt the carrier’s wings until they cup the sides of the boat, and cinch it all down with the included straps…

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The Tesla Model S is a car that is as sleek as it is efficient to drive: with 0 emissions and 3.2 second 0-60 max acceleration, is not an automobile built for superfluities. To match its svelte aesthetic, Tesla has exclusively partnered with premium rack designers Whispbar to create a minimal, luxury auto rack system…

Depending on required carrying capacity, Whispbar offers three bar systems. The Flush Bar system is standard for the Tesla models and follows the curved lines of the auto hood. For extended capacity, the Through Bar carries larger ger, such as kayaks and several bikes. Vehicles with pre-installed factory side rails can utilize the ultra-minimal Rail Bar. Each bar system corresponds to an array of mounting accessories for cycle, snow, etc. Whispbar has received wide recognition for this modular system design, most notably winning a 2013 Red Dot Award for product design excellence in its WB200 Fork Mount Bicycle Carrier.

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The Whispbar system is here to revolutionize the cargo management game. Desgined from the car up, the Whispbar is specifically designed to integrate with and enhance the look of the vehicle beneath it. Unlike the other racks on our list, the Whispbar comes with an arsenal of accessories so that you can mount bikes, skis, snowboards, kayaks, and more. Making the Whispbar even more versatile is its compatibility with the Yakima and Thule accessories. Head over to Whispbar to view the full line of compatible accessories.

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In addition to hiking and running, I also love cycling and kayaking: there’s just something incredibly refreshing about Georgia’s beautiful outdoors. And to transport my cycling and paddling gear, I’ve tried a number of roof rack systems for my vehicles over the years. The racks I’ve tried in the past, regardless of price, were similar: they were loud, boxy, clunky, and looked more like an appendage than an accessory on the roof of my vehicle…

And then I found Whispbar: an aerodynamic, beautifully styled rack system from Yakima that’s not only nearly silent, it actually adds to the clean, understated beauty of my Q5. And compared to my Q5’s factory bars, the Whispbar profile is much more streamlined, stylish and considerably quieter on the road…

I’ve been testing the Whispbar car rack system on my Audi Q5, and after several thousand miles on the road, I love this rack. I love Whispbar’s easy installation, rapid-swap accessory racks and beautiful design aesthetic. And, Whispbar preserves the quiet ride of my Audi: the roof rack is nearly silent, even in cross breezes and at highway speeds.

The perfect car roof rack? Based on my experience, I think so…

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Roof rack systems, despite their utility, represent a tradeoff. For all the boats, bikes and skis you can haul, you’ll have to kiss your sunroof goodbye; even bare, those crossbars whistle on a Sunday drive and howl like jet engines on the highway. Not to mention they’re often difficult to use; one too many frustrated afternoons spent struggling with a kayak can turn an expensive rack fairing into little more than a space for your sticker collection.

Yakima, who has dealt in car racks for 35 years, claims their Whispbar is different — that it’s the quietest rack system available, a seamless extension of the vehicle, and more functional than the competitors. Breaking the mold that’s been defined by square and round bars for years, Whispbar uses aerodynamic crossbars shaped much like an airplane wing, rounded at the front and tapering to a point at the back. During a month of hauling kayaks atop a Volvo XC90, the Whispbar proved truly innovative and escaped many of the pitfalls found in other carrying racks.

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Every year, QBP (bicycle and components distributor, Quality Bicycle Products) invites retailers and industry types to its home-base of Minneapolis to get the skinny on the new products that QBP is (or will soon be) carrying. Not long ago, I posted my rundown of 10 cool things from FrostBike.

In honor of the spring thaw that’s melting things across this land of ours, I’m dripping out five more cool things from the show here and now. Here goes…

Whispbar roof racks are the only thing out there specifically designed around aerodynamics. Not only are they quiet, they won’t ruin your fuel economy or make your car look like a Land Cruiser on safari. The stylish fork mount can quickly adapt to accept open dropout or 15-mm, through-axle forks, and with their QuickDock system, you can literally add or remove gear mounts, in seconds. They also make ski and boat mounts that are equally as whispery.

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While I was looking around the Yakima display, I happened into the Whispbar booth. Yakima offers this brand as a slimmer, sleeker premium line of roof racks. One look at these futuristic racks and I thought I had wandered into an episode of the Jetsons. The bars are oval shaped and low profile like a wing. For 2015, they are offering two new kayak carriers. The J-Cradle is exactly what it says. A stand-up-style kayak carrier that folds flat like a spaceship. Slide out loaders make it easy to get the boat on the roof.

The Saddle Roller kayak carrier is U-shaped to cradle the hull but also folds flat against the bars when not in use. The rear saddles have integrated rollers to make it easy to load boats. Match the racks to WhisBar’s T-bar with the Quick Dock technology to install and remove in seconds. Several of Rapid’s staff raved about how much they love the Whispbar. They weren’t the only ones impressed with this new generation of roof racks, Whispbar the has won a long list of awards from design competitions to outdoor gear accolades.

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(…)Then, it was the mad rush to clean out all the clutter in the house because the movers will pack up the garbage just as easily as they will pack up your fine furnishings.  I had no idea how much clutter we had until I had to clean out every nook and cranny.  I also had to sort everything into what was to be packed and shipped versus what we were going to take with us.  And this is where Yakima roof racks came in to save our day.  They very generously provided us with a Whispbar roof rack system with a SkyBox 16 Carbonite so we could pack pretty much twice as much stuff as we otherwise would have.  That’s also why I feel like our family is one big turtle.  We’re driving a Jetta Sportwagen with a Skybox on top, all of it so completely loaded down that we are seriously low-riding and seriously hoping we don’t hit any major pot holes on the highway!

The roof rack was installed pretty easily although it was a bit daunting to be faced with all these pieces that needed to be put together.  I have no idea how to explain all of it except that there were screws so the ensemble could be clamped onto our car’s side rails.  As for the SkyBox installation?  I wouldn’t know, since my husband went to the freight yard to pick it up and installed it in their parking lot while I was at home watching the movers pack up my life.  The cargo box clamps onto the rails and opening/closing/loading is super convenient.

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Whispbar’s WB200 fork-mount roof rack is simple, elegant, quiet, and highly versatile, allowing for easy swaps between road and mountain bikes (even with thru-axles), easy locking, and a secure hold. In other words, it is just about everything one could ask for in a fork-mount roof rack…

…The design is sleek, curved to match the roof line of modern cars, and colors are subdued. The racks are no eyesore. On the right car they can even improve the look, applying the hint of rugged outdoorsiness. Like a carefully groomed beard for your roof, if you will, or perhaps some tailored flannel.

Those sleek shapes aren’t all about good looks. The Flush Bar crossbars are aerodynamically shaped, which theoretically improves fuel efficiency and certainly decreases noise. The Whispbar racks do indeed live up to their name, staying almost completely silent even at highway speeds. Add a bike and you get some noise, of course, but that is unavoidable.